Gehrmaunt Chasseur

Adventurer | Scholar | Void Hunter

Discord: d0vahk1n#1502
IG:Gehrmaunt Chasseur

Alias: Gehrt, Charlatan Sharlayan, Void Whisperer
Race: Elezen
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6’7
Weight: 160lbs
Build: Lean Muscular
Occupation: Former- Researcher of Sharlayan. Current- Scholar, Adventurer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gehrmaunt, like the rest of his elezen kin, is the epitome of the word ‘refined’. His features are fair but handsome, constrained but graceful. He sports blonde hair that is almost always combed back, and a neatly kept beard to match. In his days or weeks, sometimes even months away from civilization, his hair becomes more unkempt, and his beard more full and thicker. His eyes are shaded red, almost as dark as blood. His physique is common to that of the average elezen knight: lean but well-shaped and muscular, fit to traverse through any sort of weather or environment. In contrast to his otherwise near perfect appearance, there’s a single scar that trails along the right side of his cheek, ending just beneath the jawline.

Gehrmaunt is described by those who know him as a reclusive individual, even by Ishgardian standards. He is very well spoken, but reserved, opting for solitude instead of company. He mostly keeps to himself, keeping anyone that wishes to know or accompany at him at a dragon arm’s length. This isn’t from some form of shyness or even timidness. In truth it is out of preference, as he prefers the solitude of his work and research over the common man. He views people on the whole as an annoyance; a pestering, self-serving vexation that has little to offer besides mostly, but not limited to, guile, deceit, and pride. Unlike them, books and notes possess no such thing, and fain silence and peace above all.
In conversation, he is articulate and well spoken, able to hold a conversation for any length of time if it it’s of any interest to him. He speaks with refined but reserved confidence, his tone and mannerisms a stark contrast to the rest of his kin, who on the majority speak with misplaced authority and false superiority. He is much more relaxed, even laid back, when talking to both nobles and the common man. However, this cuts both ways, as while he will not down to anyone, he will also put little stock in one’s station or standing, bereft or willfully ignorant of any of the proper social cues when addressing with such figures, whether they are a general or the sultana herself.

On the subject of his research, Gehrmaunt is all but obsessed. He will spend half of, if not the majority, of his time going over notes and tomes. This can go on for hours, even days on end, neglecting the importance of shelter, sustenance, or even hygiene. He’ll recuse himself in the darkest corner of the deepest abyss if it meant he could work on his research in peace.

Gehrmaunt, while possessed of something of a reversion to violence, does not mean that he is against it. On the contrary, he all but welcomes it; particularly if it ends with him the victor and being left alone. He views fights on the whole as, while an annoyance, a necessary annoyance, as most problems in the world are, have been, and will always be solved by one man’s sword just as much as his will. And some things, though not many, can only be solved with conflict.

Gehrmaunt was born to the House Chasseur, a minor but nonetheless powerful house, under the authority of the Great House Durendaire. He was born the second of three children, with him being the middle child, and the only one that was a product of his father’s infidelity. Like any man and woman under a respected house, Gehrmaunt was subjected to the necessities of nobility at an early age. This included politics, studies, noble visits, and more. As a man under the house Chasseur, he was also subjugated to combat drills and practice, mainly with the lance, bow, and sword. Like his brothers, Gehrmaunt was very skilled, particularly with the lance, with some veteran knights considering him a prodigy, even claiming he had the makings of a coming dragoon. Despite this, the elezen in truth cared very little for such physical activities, or the political workings of Ishgardian society. He instead took interest in his studies, particularly those involving the arcane. Gehrmaunt had a keen appeal in magicks, the ability to shape the aether around one’s surroundings and bend them into the elements that make up the realm. His interest was only that, however, interest. No one in his family had a talent for the arcane, nor did they wish to have it. The pursuit of martial prowess was Chasseur’s goal, not latent magicks, and this was evident by their treatment of Gehrmaunt, as they practically forced him into taking up the blade.

When Gehrmaunt was seven, he began to receive visits from a stranger; a woman unknown to him but one who strangely enough knew everything about the young boy, including his interest in the arcane arts. The woman would often see Gehrmaunt during the scarce amount of free time he had during the day, meeting with her on the outskirts of Ishgard, away from the prying eyes of its citizenry to help train his skill in magicks. His progress, while slow at first, began to progress at a rapid rate, his budding skill in the arcane just as promising as his work with the lance. This would continue for several years until his fifteenth year, when they were forced to part ways for the time being when he and his older brother were called into service in the fight against the dragons.

Gehrmaunt, along with his brother, were given the task of assisting the other knights of Durendaire with the defense of the Western Highlands, lands that were frequently harassed by the dragons. During one such excursion, Gehrmaunt, opting to practice his spellwork, purposely left his lance at the barracks, in the hopes of proving to his brothers and peers the power of magic. This backfired terribly, as despite his uncanny talent, he had never used his magic in combat before. His inexperience cost the lives of many knights, including the life of his older brother. He was sent back to Ishgard with minor injuries, but also in such disgrace that would haunt him and the House Chasseur for the rest of their days.

Because of his incompetence and indirect responsibility in his brother’s death, Gehrmaunt’s father disowned him, stripping him of his noble title and privileges. As he was also the unwittingly catalyst in some dozen knight’s deaths, without the protection of his noble title and house, he was placed under arrest by the other knights of Durendaire and placed in gaol, with no hope of ever seeing the light of day for many years to come. Unbeknownst to him, the woman from before who visited him in his childhood had found him, and helped him escape. She revealed himself to be his mother, and also a scholar from Sharlayan, and offered the elezen the chance to travel with him to their headquarters, where he could learn and research to his heart’s content and hone his skills in magic. Gehrmaunt, though the deaths of his countrymen and brother weighed heavily on his mind, he was also driven to continue down the pursuit of magic, and become stronger and more competent in it so that what happened in the Western Highlands would never happen again. So the two journeyed to the Dravanian Highlands, the headquarters of Sharlayan becoming his home for the next several years.

Gehrmaunt’s time in Sharlayan was at first a godsend to the elezen’s eyes. He was surrounded by fellow peers of magic, ones who not only understood, but frequently dabbled in the practice of the arcane arts. There were also other scholars whose strength lied in the martial arms, but like him, they also took stock in the importance of seeking knowledge. However, while he was accepted by the Sharlayans, he was not so very welcome. His mother, the Sharlayan scholar who brought him into the fold, was something of a controversial person amongst her peers, as was her subject of research: the dragons; particularly their longevity and power. Just like his teacher, the subject of his own research also became subject to controversy, the Voidsent. In fact, his thesis when addressed to the Studium, theorized that the Voidsent were not only created from the ambient excess of dark aether, but were also former creatures; living things from a dimension that had fallen to darkness, what they knew as the Void. While brilliant, his field of research was, what the other Sharlayans believed to be, a hazard, and his research and methods were met with much scrutiny and little belief. Sharlayan, much like Ishgard, had become as cold and opinionated to him as Ishgard, but there were a few of his peers whom he had considered friends that supported him, not to mention his own mother.

At the time of the exodus, Gehrmaunt, unlike the majority of his colleagues, chose to remain behind. While grateful for the support of the Studium and the home he found at Sharlayan, the elezen didn’t wish his work to be scrutinized, much less judged and insulted. That, and the desire to go out in the world and become his own man, made him decide to leave the comforts of Sharlayan behind. His mother was very much against his decision, and the two had a major fight before their parting. Though the two kept in touch through letters and linkpearls, that would be the last time that they would see each other again.

Gehrmaunt traveled Eorzea for quite some time, taking on work as an adventurer while also continuing his research. Some time later, he was informed by an acquaintance of Sharlayan that his mother had died; to his surprise, in Eorzea to see him. The Studium, despite her service to Sharlayan, elected not to recover her body. There were those who talked poorly of her, going so far as to belittle her death and insult her life’s work. This would be the final straw, as he cut off all ties from Sharlayan entirely, taking her mother’s body to be buried in the Hinterlands, near the ruins of their former colony.

• All the information on here is only known OOC, not IC
• Lore Flexibility: Prefer to stick to the lore whenever possible but have no issues with being flexible with one’s creativity so long as it makes sense and fits into the setting.
• RP Limits: No perma-deaths, no god-modding. Injuries, imprisonment, or anything else that could have longstanding consequences can and needs to be discussed OOC.
• RP Type: Somewhere between mid and heavy. Love immersing myself in my character(s) and interacting with the world and others, but real-life responsibilities limit my time.
• Preference: I can RP either IG or on Discord, though I usually prefer the former.
• Tells/Walkups are welcome

• Ishgard: Though estranged from his family and the political houses, the elezen has a begrudging respect for his homeland, and doesn't mind hearing the occassional tale or two of his country's progress.

• Voidsent: Gehrmaunt is fixated on his studies of the void and voidsent. And any information or talk pertaining to such topics are a keen interest to him.

•Research: Gehrt, despite his skill in magicks and physical prowess, he is a researcher first and foremost. Though the main subject of his research is the void and voidsent that come from within, he isn't adverse to other topics of interest.

• Traveler: Gehrmaunt is a well-traveled man, his work taking him across a broad range of regions and locales.

I've always enjoyed reading and writing stories, which is what made me interested in RPing in the first place; even though I've only been roleplaying for a little over three years now. I've RPed in other games such as WoW, SWTOR, ESO, GW2, and FFXIV. I live in the EST time zone and am usually available for RP anytime between 12pm and 2am( unless I'm working). Feel free to contact me IG or on discords and hope to make memorable events and stories with you all!